The Mind is More Than Neurons

Spolia (2)

I am looking forward to reading the latest issue of Spolia. The subject matter is right up the alley that runs alongside Bill Ectric’s Place.

From the introductory editorial:

That’s why I wanted to do an issue of Spolia devoted to The Mind. To the idea that we are not just a pack of neurons, a “moist robot” as Dennett insists on calling human beings. That things like emotion and imagination (and free fucking will) are things to be valued, and are not just bad data. So to that end, here is an anti-materialist, pro-Mind reading list…”

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It’s All Good

Writing for The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Steven Utley says, “An ideal mix for me is one brow-furrowing title, e.g., William JamesVarieties of Religious Experience or whatever volume of Proust’s gigantic work I’m up to, an issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries or Argosy or the like, and some comics. (My tastes even out; I’m approximately middle-brow.)

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