Suit Up

           Right:  Gary Westfahl


At LOCUS OnlinePaul Di Filippo reviews the new bookThe Spacesuit Film: A History 1918 – 1969, by one of my favorite commentators, the  always erudite and entertaining Dr. Gary Westfahl. Filippo says:

As the subtitle to this volume indicates, Westfahl will venture back almost to the dawn of cinema to examine the presence of spacegear in films as the defining touchstone of a certain sensibility and focus. But before then, in an amusingly named preface, “Pre-Flight Briefing,” he outlines with great clarity the reasons why he feels the spacesuit is the defining motif of a certain serious-minded speculative vision. His insights, I find, represent a very clever and striking perception and distinction not previously noted or vocalized by critics within the field. Westfahl convinces the reader at once that his theme is valid.

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