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Happening in Jacksonville, FL

From Folio Weekly:

Hurley Winkler is good at far too many things. Her CV includes helping produce Swamp Radio and Perversion magazine, and she’s just finished her master of fine arts in creative writing at Lesley University. Jim Draper is primarily known as a visual artist whose work has been seen in galleries, in the airport, on the façades of public buildings — on and on. But he’s not just a visual artist. Draper says, “Words are our primary symbols.”

On Feb. 23, each will perform a reading of their work at the second monthly installment of JaxbyJax.

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Hammers of God

Folio Weekly staff writer Dan Brown remembers his youthful infatuation with the dark side of hard rock & heavy metal bands, back when such music was always considered “evil” by our parents (which made us like it all the more). Ironically, the occasion for Dan’s article is The Winter Jam, billed as “Christian Music’s Largest Annual Tour,” coming to the Jacksonville, FL Veteran’s Memorial Arena on January 13 at 7:00 p.m.  These bands apparently rock out; their ad includes the comment “Slayer fans welcome.” Dan told me, “I’m admittedly an absolute lover of God, but I also wanted to share my own story, 99.9% of which is true. Glad you dug it. Here’s to heresy.”

Dan says, “As the years rolled by, my brother guided my arcane conversion to the dark side and I followed his lead down the Left Hand Path of Rock. We soon found others who shared our nefarious, preteen tastes and gorged ourselves on bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and any album featuring anything vaguely demonic (goats were a plus) or a buxom, scantily clad woman (preferably riding a goat.) During the ’80s, the words “backwards masking” were added to our lexicon when we found Jacob Aranza’s 1983 book, Backwards Masking Unmasked” a veritable field guide to the most malevolent musical acts on the planet.”

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