Reflections on Le Fanu: In a Glass Darkly

You may have noticed that, here at Bill Ectric’s Place I feature a lot of links to Wormwoodiana. It’s one of my favorite blogs.

Today, Douglas A. Anderson tells us, “I was recently reading Herbert van Thal’s interesting autobiography, The Tops of the Mulberry Trees (1971), which covers many of van Thal’s roles in publishing—as an agent, anthologist, editor and publisher.”

Anderson quotes van Thal as saying, “I have always been surprised that Sheridan Le Fanu has never achieved the popularity of his contemporaries, such as Wilkie Collins . . .

Ardizzone's frontispiece to In a Glass Darkly

Ardizzone’s frontispiece to In a Glass Darkly

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Haining Waning?


Douglas A. Anderson maintains that this Werewolf
anthology (left) contains no story by Guy Endore (right)

Yet another bogus claim by anthologist Peter Haining, as investigated by Douglas A. Anderson on Wormwoodiana.

Anderson says, “I’ve written elsewhere of a few other instances of his outrageous frauds (for one, where he lifted one author’s story from an early Weird Tales and claimed it was by Dorothy Macardle and from an Irish magazine) . . . Now I’ve happened upon yet another example of Haining’s premeditated deceit. I’ve recently been looking closely into the writings of Guy Endore (1900-1970), author of The Werewolf of Paris (1933).