The next time you’re in virtual downtown, swing by Bill Ectric’s Place. Have cup of coffee or a cocktail. Read a book, buy a book, talk about books, and maybe even get booked, if the thought police get shook. Hang out with authors and artists, reporters and radicals, columnists and characters, poets and punks, musicians and more. 


11 thoughts on “About

  1. hi bill,
    found you via your comment at litkicks.
    i’ve been dropping in there sporadically over the years but suddenly, in the past couple of days, it’s been fecund for me. claudia’s a joy to discover and now here you as well. i probably didn’t search there hard enough before, i imagine, though i thought i had. i’m glad you left your url.
    john farwell
    okc, ok

    • Hello . My name is Khalil Rashnavi . I am story writer and documentary filmmaker. I live in Iran and researched about ” Ali mir drikvand ” and collected some information about his life . Also i access to some of Mirdrikvand,s family members .
      I would be happy if you kindly give me more details about the publishers of “No heaven for Gunga din ” and the languages it might be translated into and the prizes it has received .
      I am going to make a film based on this writer,s life .
      unfortunately i have to tell you that this writer has died many years ago in full poverty and he was unkown among his fellow citizens .
      my email address :
      Khalil Rashnavi

  2. First of all , I really hope to find you in great health & happiness. I would like to introduce myself in brief : Iam an Iranian , independent film maker , & I am going to make a short film regarding a great man of my
    and (hometown ) in the name of Ali Mir Drykvand author of this book 😦 No Heaven For Gungadin ) that was published in England.during my researches in the world of internet I saw your name I have some good information about Ali Mir Derykvand I have found his family , and also I have his photo .unfortunately he has died many years ago and his grave located in where I live . surprisingly , iranian people informed about the publication of his book after his death in England , because he gave his manuscript to Hemiing in order to correct his English . He was really interested to learn English , so he worked for English army to learn English in this way .The soldiers were in Badr Abad Camp located in Khoram abad city ,Lorestan .I t would be really appreciated if you could send me some information , document , video or photo regarding this book or his author to use in my film .or if you have this book please send me a photo or video while you are holding this book in your hand and talking about it.
    by the way , there are some rumors here that this book has been won award do you know is it true or false ?


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