Results for the Hitchcock poll

TIRED OF THE CIRCUS OF THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL RACE? Here’s a vote that really matters! From the blog Tipping My Fedora, the Hitchcock Movie Poll!

Tipping My Fedora

HitchWell, the polls are now closed and the results are in. First things first though – the response to this celebration of the 53 films directed by Alfred Hitchcock was really gratifying, so special thanks to everyone who joined in.

Ultimately nearly 650 votes were cast and nearly every one of his films got at least one vote – if you want to see which didn’t, and which came out on top, then keep on reading, where you will also find a poll of polls – we have now a top 10 based on the results and we have the opportunity to rank these 10 – but beware, you only get one vote, so make it count!

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