The Lantern Cage (Kelly Grovier)

I enjoy reading about mystics, astrologers, physicians, and astronomers from history past. This sounds good.

Phil Clement

This review originally appeared on the website of the New Welsh Magazine and I’m extremely grateful to them for posting it. 

Kelly Grovier 'The Lantern Cage'

The Lantern Cage, Kelly Grovier’s third collection with Carcanet Press, is a playful exploration of the mysteries lurking at the margins of our perception; a collection ‘whose object / is larger than it appears’. Frequent references to 16th Century astrologers and astronomers conjure an atmosphere of mysticism in which poems appear on the page as if ‘in the language of the dream’, while visual and syntactic puns tease at the internal logic of the poems, often adding to the unsolvable nature of their subjects.

Grovier’s poetry is precise and well-crafted. Throughout the collection a combination of enjambment dropped lines are employed to great effect and lend the poems an aural quality that demands they be read aloud. In ‘Slip’ this feature evokes within the reader a sense of…

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