Jeremy C. Shipp – Light, Darkness, Imagination, and Ectoplasm

Jeremy Shipp  Attic Toys

Jeremy Shipp is a writer with staying power. I’ve only read one of his novels, the surreal Vacation, but I’ve been reading collections of his short stories, which I’ve downloaded onto my Kindle iPhone app, and looking forward to more.

I only recently became aware of this 2010 interview  with Mr. Shipp by Richard Romero for the Yuma Sun:

RR: Who are your main influences and why?

JS: I fell in love with storytelling thanks to individuals such as Terry Gilliam, HG Wells, George Lucas, Jules Verne, Jim Henson, Alexandre Dumas. These days, I find myself inspired by people like Haruki Murakami, Takashi Miike, Lois Lowry, Hayao Miyazaki, Arundhati Roy, Park Chan-wook.

RR: How did you get involved with writing in the horror genre?

JS: I’ve never thought, “I think I’ll write a horror story now.” This just happens naturally. That rather long short story I wrote in 4th grade was rather dark and strange. And even when I played pretend with my brothers as a kid, our recurring characters included the grim reaper, a mummy, and other monsters.

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