Guest post: Metafiction and the Demystification of the Cult of the Astronaut

I especially like this part:
“Malzberg’s fiction is heavily inspired by the rise of postmodern metafiction in the mid to late 1960s and the New Wave movement in science fiction. Metafictional techniques –- for example, the author breaking the fourth wall by addressing the reader or referencing the cigarette add placed in the paperback and the use of unreliable narrators and experimental structure: the epistolary novels, etc.— combine in a particularly jarring yet effective way with one of Malzberg’s overarching themes, the nature and quest for truth.”

the Little Red Reviewer

Please join me in welcoming Joachim Boaz of Science Fiction and other Suspect Ruminations (on twitter at @SFRuminations).  Joachim focuses mainly on science fiction from the 1940 through the 1980s. His indepth reviews often give background information about the author’s life and the social circumstances in which the book was written.   Many of us discovered Joachim’s blog because of his frequent posting of Vintage, Golden aAge, and New Wave science fiction cover art, much of it surreal and over the top.   artwork that could never be used today.  I asked Joachim to write a guest post for Vintage month, and Wow did he deliver! Even better, he writes about Barry N. Malzberg, an award winning author I’m not familiar with.  I’m sure after reading this post, you’ll be intrigued as well!  Scroll to the bottom for a list of  Joachim’s recommended titles and links to his reviews.

I also…

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3 thoughts on “Guest post: Metafiction and the Demystification of the Cult of the Astronaut

      • Well you should pick up a copy of one of his works 🙂 One of my frequent readers commented on my review of Fallin Astronauts that Herovit`s World is generally the best one of Malzberg’s novels to read first.

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