My Historical Great-Uncle Corbett

My great uncle, Corbett Hamilton (1918 – 1977), wrote a series of articles about the Hatfield-McCoy feud for the Cumberland Times in Clintwood, VA. He was also a poet.

So, I’m talking to my mother on the phone recently, and she asks, “Did you see the mini-series on the History Channel about the Hatfields and McCoys?” To which I said yes, I did. “Did you know that back in the 70s, your Great-Uncle Corbett actually spoke to some people who either lived during the time of the fued, or had relatives who did, and wrote about it in the paper?”

I did not know that. I have no memory of ever meeting Corbett Hamilton, but I’ve read his chapbook of poetry and I vaguely remember that he had a column in a local newspaper in Clintwood, Virginia, where my mother grew up. But Hatfields & McCoys? I can’t believe I’m just finding this out.

Mom put the newspaper clippings in the mail. I haven’t had a chance to scan them, but I took a few pictures. I’m also unsure of the copyright status, whether or not I can legally reprint the articles unless I get permission from the newspaper. I’ll check on it. It looks like there are at least eight installments!

Check out this bit of humor from the newspaper:

Dickenson County, besides being the home of the Ralph Stanley Museum, is also the site of  The John W. Flannagan Reservoir and Dam, prompting the The Cumberland Times to proclaim themselves, “The best paper printed in Dickenson by a dam site.”

More to come.

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