Raising the Bar for Indie Writers: Wanda Shapiro and Mayowa Atte

Here’s Mayowa Atte from Pens With Cojones, guest-blogging on Wanda Shapiro’s  One Girl One Novel:

“Of late, there has been a spike in the number of skirmishes between indie writers (self-publishers) and well, everyone else. As frequently happens, writers (both traditional and indie), industry professionals and commentators weigh in with cautionary tales about the euphoria and reality of self-publishing, indie writers respond with communal fury worthy of a Siberian wolf pack.”

This I think is how things should be.

Stab, parry, and thrust, posts and counter-posts, tweets and tumblelogs, fact and snark, experienced fear and brave naiveté; we should all question indie literature and its practitioners should remain undeterred and unafraid. This is how we will find holes in the model, this how we will preserve the fierce independence and attitude of indie literature.

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3 thoughts on “Raising the Bar for Indie Writers: Wanda Shapiro and Mayowa Atte

  1. Great post. I as many indie authors resent being categorized unfairly because I chose not to go the traditional publishing route. I think the industry is headed for a shake up and eventually, the indie authors will be the new accepted form of traditional literature.

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