Aspern Papers & Ghost Stories

Consarn it, Maud Newton! I try not to feature any one blogger too often here at Bill Ectric’s Place, but you keep posting such damned interesting stuff! I’m referring to this and this.

I think that photo of Henry James , Edith Wharton , and Howard Sturgis would make a great poster. I’m going to look into getting the picture enlarged and framed.

Henry James, Edith Wharton, and Howard Sturgis in 1904

I, too, like James’   The Aspern Papers  better than Turn of the Screw or Daisy Miller, which are usually cited as his most famous works. I’m also partial to his  short story, The Author of Beltraffio.

Today I reserved a book at my local public library called The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton because I haven’t read any of those. I can also read them here, but I want an actual book I can carry around.

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