State of the Re-Union with Al Letson

 Al Letson

Some of you might remember the interview I did with Al Leston about three years ago. Here’s the latest news about Mr. Letson. Because I’ve been tied up with getting my novel published, I’m going to take the easy way out in this blog entry and simply quote from the program I received at the recent event held in celebration of Al’s NPR radio program: 

Winner of the Public Radio Talent Quest, State of the Re:Union is a new public radio show that aims to show listeners how we are more alike than we are different and the many ways our differences are celebrated. Multi-faceted artist, Al Letson, employs his talents to discover how a particular city, town or area creates a community. From Washington DC to Jena, Louisiana, State of the Re:Union will travel our great country one significant spot at a time to capture the stories, the challenges and the culture that not only make it unique, but work together like chords to compose our rich commonwealth.

 Transcending a glorified travel guide, State of the Re:Union finds the resonating fragments that create the cornerstone of every community. Hear from the artists, activists, politicians, teachers, preachers and every day people that are making a difference arranged with the music, sounds and styles born of the area in focus. 

 Sure, things fall apart–our job is to put them back together.

Back: Bob Shipp, Front: Fletcher Shipp, Oksun Burks

Back: Bob Shipp, Front: Fletcher Shipp, Oksun Burks

 Carol Wagnon, Marian Murray, Kathleen King

Above:  Carol Wagnon, Marian Murray, Kathleen King

  WJCT proudly presents the State of the Re:Union Hometown Premiere event on June 19, 2009 at WJCT Studios in Jacksonville, Florida. This special multimedia version will present the recent episode, Jacksonville: Bold New City of the South?” and discuss the show live with featured guests from the show. Clarence & Benita Fears 

Clarence & Benita Fears
Mark Ectlund, Alan Justiss

Mark Ectlund, Alan Justiss

Donovan King, Nick Clancy

Donovan King, Nick Clancy



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